last updated – Jan 31  2022



What is drop-catching ?

Everyday thousands of domain names are dropped from domain registries because the previous owners have not paid their renewal fees. Reasons may be they forgot to pay, lost access/track of their domain/account or they are not interested in owning that domain anymore. Registering of such domains immediately once it available is known as dropcatching.

Why to drop-catch domains ?

Dropping domain creates special opportunities as some these will have very good brandable values or have good SEO values. These domains can be acquired at fractional cost of their market value and can add immense value to the buyer.

What is drop date ?

Domain drop date is the date on which domain is expected to be dropped from domain registry. Not always all domain drop on the exact same date, it may drop early or late also. We continuously monitor and register domain for you

What is domain backordering ?

Domain backordering is nothing but placing order to dropcatch service to catch expired domain


How much effective is your dropcatching platform ?

None of the dropcatching service provider can provide you 100% success rate. Our system is good for catching low to medium competition domains names.  Statistically you have higher chance of catching a domain by placing order on multiple platforms and with us and you pay only for successful domain registrations

Which all domains extension do you support ?

Our dropcatching services are exclusively to

 .in  / / / / / extensions

What happens more than one user place the order same domain ?

If any domain caught by us originally ordered by more than one user, it will go into private auction and the highest bidder will win the domain, please refer auction section for more details.

Can any one view my domain order ?

All single order domain names are private and are not visible to general public. If the same domain was ordered by more than one customer, it will go to private auction once we have caught that domain. refer auction section below for additional details

How many type of membership you have ?

Currently we are offering only regular membership which forms all of our registered customers and there is no subscription charges involved.

In future we intend to offer elite membership with additional perks and we will be announcing well in advance to all our customers.

Pricing & Payments

How much does each backorder cost ?

Each successful single order domain will cost you $25. If the same domain is ordered by multiple user, then you will have to pay exact bid amount placed to win the auction.

Do you have any joining fees or annual charges ?

No, we do not have any joining fees or annual charges to place backorder with us.

Do i have to make any prepayment ?

No prepayment is required for placing backorder. You are required to pay only after we have successfully caught your domain . Incase of auction ) minimum balance of 20$ is required to participate in auction (refer below section for more details on auction)

What if i fail to make payment within 24 hrs?

If you are facing any technical issues, please write to us immediately and we will try to assist you to make payment and we may extend payment date if really required

we will send email reminder to your registered ID , even after multiple reminders if you fail to reply to us, you will lose direct access to own that domain, we may sell or auction the domain to other potential buyers and your user ID and future ID may be banned from placing any future orders


What payment methods do you support ?

We accept payments through Paypal [Paypal supports major credit/debit cards].

What are the uses of wallet ?

Wallet provides you convenient way to store funds with us which is fully usable and fully refundable at request.

You may keep sufficient wallet fund so that we can auto debit you account incase the payment is not initiated from your end in stipulated time and thus helping you to retain your domains.

It is also required to store the minimum balance for auction participation

Are there any other hidden charges ?

Our pricing model is very transparent, we don’t have any additional charges. We recommend paying with your Paypal account for safe and secure transaction without any additional payment gateway charges.


When will domain go into auction ?

Any domain that was originally backordered by more one user and was successfully caught by us will go into auction

How to participitate in auction ?

Auction will be held between users who have placed order for the same domain.  All the eligible users will get auction link

Special Offers

No auction offer

What is No Auction offer ?

This is an special promotional offer, in which the first user to place backorder for a supported domain and if the same domain  is dropped within 31st  May 2022 (IST), gets to own the domain at just backorder price, without going to auction irrespective of number people placing order for the same domain.

How can I know whether my order is first or not?

Once your order is processed it will be tagged in two ways

#first order – For the first order

#awaiting order – All subsequent orders after first order

Domain will be first offered to #first order by default, only if the user fails to make the required payment within 24 hrs., domain will be offered to #awaiting order list in any order[we may still prefer to allocate domain in order of 2nd, 3rd and so on ] and in no case it will be auctioned during offer period.

What is the duration of this offer ?

This offer is valid on all supported domains which will be dropped until 31st May 2021 IST.

Will this offer be extended ?

This is promotional offer only, currently we do not intend to extend this, however based on the customers response we may look into this in future.